Encrypt Your Secret

This website can be used to encrypt a secret text (password or any string with maximum length of 64 byte) to share with another trusted party. Ofcourse you can use a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal etc to share your secret which almost always store your data in the cloud. Even if the data is fully encrypted, there is always a chance it can be exposed, just a matter of time. On the otherhand, this website does not store anything including the encrypted secret. The secret digest provided to you will expire after the number of hours passed and in addition, you can restrict access only from a specific IP of your trusted party.

Note: IP restriction defaults to your public IP; that means only you (assuming your public IP does not change) can view the secret. If you really want to share the secret to someone else (i.e. normal use case) you need to change this to their IP so they can read. However, if you dont want IP based restriction i.e. allow all IPs (not recommended), just enter "default" on IP field above.

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